General Description

  • Mainly composed of compressor ,condenser ,drier evaporator and thermal expansion valve
  • Brand compressor


marine refrigeration plant is mainly composed of two sets compress-condensing units, generally, one compress-condensing unit is used, and the other one is standby. Compress0condensing unit is mainly composed of refrigeration compressor, liquid receiver, high and low temperature valve plate, electric control box, control elements.
Marine refrigeration plant is mainly used in all kinds of naval vessels, ships, marine platforms where food preservation is needed, it provides cold source for cold rooms, mainly used to maintain the temperature required by food preservation, keep food fresh.
Marine refrigeration plant set all functional components in one; it has the advantages of convenient and simple operation, compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise, shock and swing resistance, convenient maintenance etc. The refrigeration plant automation degree is high, cooling capacity is large, speed is fast; the high level electric control automation will reduce operators’ labor intensity and reduce energy consumption; all heat exchange components adopt copper material, the corrosion resistance is strong, ensure the equipment effective operation time. The design, manufacture, delivery of refrigeration plant is conducted according to the standard of classification societies (such as “CCS”, “ABS”, “NK”, “DNV”) and “navy”, and it can be manufactured according to customer's actual demands.
It is widely used in all kinds of passenger ships, cargo ships, warships and offshore oil platforms.