General Description

  • Mainly composed of compressor ,condenser ,drier evaporator and thermal expansion valve
  • Brand compressor


It is mainly composed of compress-condensing unit (refrigeration compressor, horizontal shell and tube type condenser and control components), air handling unit (fin type evaporator, heater and humidifier), air supply section (centrifugal fan and marine motor), mixing and filtering section (mixing box, fresh air regulation valve, air filter), electric control unit. The structure is frame structure, suction type; all parts are installed on a base.
The main function of marine AHU is to conduct cooling and dehumidification in summer, conduct heating in winter and ventilation in middle seasons. This AHU completes all heat and humidity exchange in plant, the treated air is delivered to each cabin through air duct, terminal units.
Marine direct AHU sets all functional components in one; it has the advantages of convenient and simple operation, compact structure, low energy consumption, low noise, shock and swing resistance, convenient maintenance etc. The design, manufacture, delivery of AC system is conducted according to the standard of classification societies (such as “CCS”, “ABS”, “NK”, “DNV”) and “navy”, and it can be manufactured according to customer's actual demands.
It is widely used in all kinds of passenger ships, cargo ships, warships and offshore oil platforms.