General Description

  • Mainly composed of compressor ,condenser ,drier evaporator and thermal expansion valve
  • Brand compressor


  • Features:reliable run, anti corrosive and complete protections
  • Cooling capacity: 23kW~1800kW
  • Refrigerant:R 134a、 R 404A、R407C、 R22
  • Compressor:piston of screw type/open or semi-hermetic
  • No of compressor:single or multi
  • Capacity control:multistage selectable
  • Cooling method:water coold or air cooled
  • Water cooled condenser:high efficient anti corrosive Condensing tube:HAL77-2、B10、B30
  • Air cooled condenser:copper tube copper fin, inner high efficient tube
  • Protection:high pressure, low pressure, oil pressure(oil level), low water pressure (water flow),anti freeze, lack phade, over voltage, under voltage, overheat and overload
  • Control:button control or PLC control
  • Power supply:3-380V/50Hz , 3-44V/60Hz
  • Certificate:CCS、ABS、DNV、LR、BV